A restaurant

with a soul

A restaurant

with a soul

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The soul

Feelings are the reflection of the soul, and its culture, art and cuisine are the reflection of Cordoba. Its inhabitants look at the world through the contemporary soul of the local poets, the very same with which we treat our local products – the unrivalled source of our pleasure – in Marídame.

Our food is the soul, the heart and life

Our cuisine

The way we cook in Marídame is the utmost reflection of the soul, thanks to our love of the local cuisine. We only use local products in the preparation of our dishes. Our goal is to “cook Cordoba” in every way. All this is reflected in our menu, the very essence of the restaurant.

Quality local cuisine

The Mosque

Maridame is place in an unique environment, in the heart of the Cordoba Jewish Quarter, near The Mosque. This location is full of charm and magic will take you back to the times of Abd al-Rahman I.

A perfect place to enjoy your meal