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Marídame restaurant is located only a few meters away from the Mosque of Cordoba, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. You will have the opportunity to taste local cuisine with Andalusian roots, with traditional home-made dishes prepared by our team using only the best-quality local products.

Our most note-worthy specialties include: Mazamorra (chilled almond and bread purée) with orange marmalade and smoked cod, Patatas Bravas (potatoes in Cayenne sauce) Marídame-style and the mushroom risotto with seasonal vegetables and frozen cheese&quince pearls. In the meats section we recommend: the oxtail meat on marrow bone and confited artichokes and the lamb terrine with quinoa, dates and orange blossom water. Some of the must-try fish dishes include: “Charred” cod with aioli and Montilla-Moriles dry sherry, and the Atlantic Bluefin tuna with white sesame seeds, shrimp bread and beetroot sauce.

Each dish can be accompanied with one of over 50 national wines available on our wine list. The restaurant’s Andalusian patio with a fountain as well as a charming roof terrace are ideal for celebrations and special events. It is definitely the perfect space for Andalusian culture lovers which will make you feel at home and enjoy the pleasant and familiar atmosphere in every corner.

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Calle Céspedes, 5. Córdoba. 14 003. Spain | (+34) 957 39 11 00 |

[email protected]

Lunch: from 12pm to 4pm (weekdays)

from 12pm to 5pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Dinner: from 7:30pm to 11:30pm (Monday-Thursday, Sunday)

from 7:30pm a 12am (Friday and Saturday)

Calle Céspedes, 5. Córdoba. 14 003. Spain | (+34) 957 39 11 00 |[email protected]

Luncha: from 12pm to 4pm (weekdays)

from 12pm to 5pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Dinner: from 7:30pm to 11:30pm (Monday-Thursday, Sunday)

from 7:30pm to 12am (Friday and Saturday)

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